10 Home business idea for female.

business ideas for women and some home business ideas for women. There are many ways for girls to start a home business. You just have to know the way.

So without further ado in today's article, I bring you 10 home business ideas for women.

Home business for women

1. Homemade food business

One of the most popular business ideas these days is the homemade food business. If your cooking skills are good. However, this business can be the tool to change your fortune.

Because, these days there are many easy ways to sell handmade food. Best of all, you can sell food through pages and groups on Facebook, without any commission. Besides, there are many food delivery apps through which you can easily sell your food.

Once the registration is done in this food delivery app, the customer will order your food through the app. The rider will come pick up your food and deliver it to the customer. At the end of the month you will get money from the food delivery app company.

2. Developing business ideas

Handicraft is a very popular business abroad. Usually many people buy it for home decoration and as a gift.

some more craft ideas :

* Design with colour on favric .

* Statich Design.

* Various showpieces with paper.

*Flower jewelery.

* Painting and frame making etc.

Things to do before starting a crafting business:

* Make products according to people's needs. That is, create products that people want more. Check people's questions on various Facebook groups and craft related pages to find out the demand.

* Take product photos in an attractive way.

* Do organic and paid marketing.

* Try to maintain product quality.

3. Selling online courses

The demand for online courses abroad is huge. Since the corona virus, the demand for online courses in Bangladesh has gained a lot of popularity. Although there are many websites based on online courses since long. So, you can safely launch online courses in person. Now you can do this online course in two ways.

* Pre-recorded video.

* Live class.

Remember that online classes or courses must be taken by people. And to get acceptance from people, you have to show your talent in front of people. So, you can take free classes on the subject you want to take the course. This way people will know about you and be interested in taking your course.

4. Earn online by freelancing

Freelancing is a free profession. Work online from home.

Some important skills for freelancing are:

* programming.

* Wave design and development.

* Digital Marketing.

* How to earn money on Facebook.


* Content writer

* Graphics Design

* Video editor etc.

There are several popular freelancing websites to earn money by freelancing.

Most of these freelancing sites have job postings and you can bid there, i.e. comment how much money and how much time you can work. There are some sites where you post your work and if the client needs any work, they message you and place the work order.

Some sites are competition based like 99 Designs. Here the client posts the design they need and submits different designer designs, then the client doesn't choose one and pays him.

5. Cottage industries

Cottage art has a homely feel to it. Cottage means house and indoor art is cottage art. Cottage industries have been and will be in demand for ages. Women are the main holders and carriers of cottage industries. So, you can start this profitable business from home if you want.

6. Blogging

Dear career you are reading this blog right now. Blogs are generally of two types

* Personal blog

* Company or organization blog

Personal blogs usually publish personal diaries or writings on a particular topic. It can be technology, travel, recipes, lifestyle, sports etc. On the other hand, company or organization blogs are regular updates of the company or organization to inform the readers. For example Windows or various mobile phone companies inform customers about their mobile phone updates on their blogs. Now you can open this personal blog and earn as much as you want.

5 Easy Ways to Earn from Blog:

* Earn by publishing ads through Google Adsense or any other advertising agency.

* Earn from affiliate marketing. That is, you can earn money by affiliate products of various e-commerce sites. Amazon affiliate marketing is also significant in this regard. That is, if you open an affiliate marketing account on Amazon. Then sell their products on your website, then a certain amount of that product will be paid to you as commission.

*You can earn money by writing reviews, sponsored posts.

* Sell your own products. If you have any questions, you can write the details and let the reader know. Readers will buy if the product is important to them.

7. Affiliate Marketing

There is nothing new to say about affiliate marketing. Those who have the slightest connection with the world of technology know very well that it is possible to earn hundreds of thousands of rupees per month through affiliate marketing. Now those who are new to affiliate marketing may be wondering, what is it? Simply put, affiliate marketing is the commission earned by selling products of e-commerce companies.

However, the easiest way to succeed in affiliate marketing is to open a website and publish content on that website about the importance and benefits of your desired product. Providing a direct link to purchase the product in the middle of the content. Currently the most popular affiliate marketing sites are: Namely:

8. Fashion designing

As long as there are people there will be demand for clothes. And clothing meets this demand for clothing. People's tastes have changed a lot over time. People have different clothing needs based on the culture and environment of the country. And fashion design fulfills this need.

If you have prior experience or education in fashion design, you are golden. And if not, you can become a professional fashion designer online or through various courses. After the fashion design, the design is completed by going to the clothes. So, fashion design can be one of your sources of income.

9. Boutique House

As mentioned earlier, the demand for clothing has been there for ages and will continue to be. Boutique is a creative profession. And through Boutique House you can join this creative profession. You can start a boutique house business with around forty to fifty thousand rupees. There are several institutes offering boutique training.

10. YouTube

It's hard to find people who use the internet but haven't watched YouTube. It is possible to earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. And you can complete this task at home if you want. You can create and upload videos on topics that you are experienced in.

You can apply for Google Adsense only if you can meet YouTube's requirement of 4000 hours of views and 1000 subscribers in a year and from then on your income will start.

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